thesis talk.

i have to give a thesis presentation to an auditorium full of people come march 1st. and because of that as well as a conversation i had with A. Lovell-Smith (kind of) i've been thinking a lot about my artwork, art in general and why i make it.

i feel as if art is a type of problem solving tool, for me. i find some kind of a problem that i don't have an answer for and then try to work it out through some kind of creative means, photographs, installations, prints. the end product is my solution or at least reconciliation with the issue, visible to whoever wants to see it. a sort of negotiation to being alive, existing and perceiving. i feel as if Bob Irwin clarifies this concept well.
"To be an artist is not a matter of making paintings or objects at all. What we are really dealing with is our state of consciousness and the shape of our perception."
i've compiled a list of ideas that my work revolves around in different veins: kinetic qualities of photography, process, the artist's presence, image as object, identity, time and event, space and environment, perception and metaphysics. the talk will cover work from my junior year until now, most of what's posted on this blog through my current thesis work. it's strange to see where i've been in relationship to where i'm going. how the last eight years of making images could have brought me here. i guess i'll have to wait and see.


  1. As much a conversation as internet blogging allows haha. Sucks cos im always online at like 2AM your time!

    It was awesome to read your post at work today (i was being sneaky cos the boss was away and willfully abusing my work time haha)

    I have often felt the same way over the last four years. The process that i go through is one of problem solving, i work through ideas that i have a problem with or sturggle to articulate, or want other people to see. Or if i see something and the whole concept of that thing pisses me off ill try and do something, make something the expresses this haha.
    I really liked what you said about how art is a "negotiation in understanding my existence as a thinking/intelligent being on this planet and my perception of it."
    I think what hs been bothering me right now is the idea of existence (sounds painfully philosophical i know) but in terms of how much has changed recently for me its just been mindbending and i think the way i have been existing has undergone such a radical change im still trying to catch up! Much like it has for the past few years within the art school environment.

    and yes i am very very keen to do a collab if you keen and have the time. Any ideas? i really liked this project i did work for a year ago where artists from Aus sent us instructions - recipes so to speak, for an image/performance/installation and it was open to our interpretation and leeway in execution. our distance could lend itself quite well to that maybe/ we could do it like Pat's project for the juniors last semester and not talk to anyone haha.
    So could be something like (just an example)...you must take an image that has a one person, naked, one person clothed,in any manner and must be outdoors or a scenic location...blah blah you get it im sure. let me know. also you should stay up late sometime and we can skype haha.

  2. i like that idea for the collaboration. i was actually thinking about using a prompt style like what Pat did just because that's more interesting and thought provoking than something more literal. we'll have to figure out when you have real free time to sit down and talk about it. but if nothing else, we can always do this or email and just post results to the blogs.