grey room.



  1. Jesus Titty-F**king-Christ...i go away for 4 days to Auckland and your Blog grows a pair and sprouts wings!!! Well played S. Lewis, well played Indeed. I love the shots of this installation and the associated prints in the post under it. There is something so beautifully fragmentary about the prints, and the installation as well. I dunno if i ever told you the story about how Pat took me around the Dept o the first Friday i was in KCAI and specifically showed me that install and was like "this is amazing" but anyway i just got totally lost in it. the possibilities of it were so endless and mindboggling and i keep coming back to the word "fragmentary" there was also this powerful feeling as you stood in the installation, you felt like an outsider, someone intruding on a space (crime-scene like, if you will??) that was/is private. There is something SOOOO personal about the fingerprint, it is such and indelible trace on the landscape around us, yet one that is normally so invisible. It was beautiful and a little disconcerting seeing the invisible made visible. I actually jumped when Pat started talking again cos for a split second i thought someone was busting me for being in there hahah!
    Yea ok so thats my just got off a plane rant.

  2. haha i'm glad you approve.

    and you never have told me that story. i wonder what pat honestly thinks about me quite a bit, i wish i could really hear what he has to say, sometime.

    and that's exactly how i wanted you to feel. not necessarily a crime scene, but the feeling of someone having just been there. or perhaps having to go to your grandparents house after they've passed away and go through their things. what a strange practice, you know? and what a strange feeling that must be. but i'm really glad you dug it. i've been think about making another installation similar to it and spending a lot more time with it, working out kinks.