Shimon Attie is an artist we very briefly covered in a class of mine recently. these are projections in berlin's pre-holocaust jewish neighborhood, projecting photos of shops or people who lived there on the original location or near by it. space/place/time/identity.


  1. Beautiful absolutely beautiful man! I love the integration back into the landscape that they are intertwined with. It is something not often seen, and something i have ideas about kinda. It often strikes me as so odd when we see photographs in an exhibition space that are of a time/place/space/people that are so at odds with the whole exhibition/whitecube space.

  2. i've been thinking a lot about my work's life post sale. what the hell is going to happen to it, what it's going to look like. it's a really strange thing to make something for this pristine, unrealistic white space and then sell it to go off to a living room or an office or something... else. i never had that problem with installation, i guess. but i really love the way these images look. and how god damned haunting they really are. megan was doing stuff like this, i thought of her immediately.