Ellen Carey to be found here.

20x24 self portrait polaroids that are crisp and pretty incredible to look at. she seems like she has a strong interest in the process with her extensive pulls and abstraction work, presenting us with the raw components of what the photograph is made of, something i touched on attempting to do with a constructed negative process. she is actually an alum of KCAI, i have no idea how i've never heard of her before today.

"These pictures physically are pure photography, like Talbot- light and process only in the late 20th century as opposed to the 19th. What they represent is a challenge to our previously prescribed historical and cultural expectation that a photograph will narrate, describe, and document."


  1. im glad you're back.
    these are nice. its always bitter sweet and confusing when you find artist thinking and/or doing such similar things...you have more courage than i do. whenever i find someone....i pretty much have to process the run-in for about a month before i can play show-and-tell.
    also...i feel like cj should see these..

  2. i discovered her for the first time recently as well, thanks to finding a list of the photographers in that kcai alum show at the nelson (which i'm hoping will still be up when i get back...)

    the work on her website i generally find to be hit or miss, in terms of my liking it. some of it is spot on, bam, i love it. others.. not so much. can't really explain why, though.

    glad you posted her work. i like the selection you've chosen to put up.

  3. These are amazing, do you know how she got the gridded effects on the polaroids?